Advanced Emailer

Advanced Emailer 4.1

Easily send personalized emails in bulk


  • Handles multiple SMTP server
  • Saves time on sending newsletters invoices etc


  • Complicated to setup mail servers

Not bad

Advanced Emailer will completely automate such tasks that otherwise take up valuable time.

These include things such as notifying your existing customers and subscribers about new products and promotions, automatically mailing invoices and tracking numbers to online customers and sending a daily or weekly newsletter to your subscribers and many more. The program utilizes "multithreading" technology so whenever a new email message is generated, one of the available threads - which you can specify - the program will grab the message and send it. There are also Multiple SMTP Servers which are essential if you intend to send large amounts of emails out fast, for example, when you need to deliver financial information bulletin to your users, you might want to consider sending it through more than one Server. There also
templates for all standard message formats such as plain text, HTML or even those based on Microsoft Outlook Express. To create personalized messages there is also a macro function so that you can repeatedly address users by name, or even send an invoice to them user specifying their balance.

A really powerful e-mail utility that big and small organisations will both find cuts down on their hours spent generating PR and publicity.

Whether you have a small business or large enterprise, there is always a problem of communicating quickly and reliably with your customer base and your subscribers. When you need to let them know you have a new product or a special promotion, it is very tiresome to call or email each and everyone of them individually.

When your customer database is large, even such an obvious task as sending the invoices or tracking the packages sent by mail, could become a major problem. Advanced Emailer gives you a compact and fast solution to all those and other problems that can arise when you are actively communicating with your customers.

Advanced Emailer


Advanced Emailer 4.1

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